Accelerating evolution to unlock nature’s potential


Our mission:

To accelerate evolution and unlock nature’s potential.

  • To support a growing population efficiently, we need to shrink the land, water, and energy footprint of our crops.

  • Breeding is directed evolution—but it's slow, inefficient and limited to existing genetic variation.

  • Ohalo's technology shrinks the breeding cycles of plants. Our speed, accuracy, and scalability create entirely new varieties of the world's most loved and consumed crops.



Our Leaders

David Friedberg


Jud Ward


Christy Toedbusch

VP of Product

László Csuti


Mike Bruce

Special Advisor

Advisory Board

Michael Stern | Board Advisor
Monsanto, Climate Corporation, Bayer

Alexander Drotschmann | Board Advisor 
Bayer, Syngenta, AgReliant

David Sterry | Board Advisor

Jan de Weerd | Board Advisor
Monsanto, Lamb Weston